Sidney Waerts


سيدني وورتز




Sidney worked for the advertising industry for over 15 years. Being a designer and art director at the agencies he signed up with, he also worked as a freelance Illustrator for other clients like magazines, clubs, and other agencies.

In 2007 Sidney completely dedicated himself to his paintings and therefore he needed to let go of his carrier in advertising. He started to work on his painting for a whole year and in 2008 he had his first solo exhibition. After this success, he worked with several galleries internationally that represented his paintings and sculptures. Between exhibitions, Sid was asked for mural projects in restaurants, clubs, and bars, social painting projects, and many more things. Working on different things is a big motivation for him. In his opinion, it's the freedom he needs to keep an open mind, instead of pinning himself down in one direction. The diversity brings him great inspiration and insight.

Since 2016 Sidney also works as a team leader and designer for Favela Painting. An organization that sets out painting projects to change the social environments of poor communities internationally. Working with people from different communities, doing workshops, and making mural paintings gives Sidney the right balance between his isolation in the studio and being socially active to keep himself grounded.


تواصلو معنا