Dutch for artists - learn to read between the lines
offering a critical supplement to your Dutch language & culture courses 😸

𝓜.𝓐.𝓦: Met Andere Woorden : التقي أندري ووردن : بعبارة أخرى : IN OTHER WORDS

تقديم مفردات مهمة مكملة للغة والثقافة الهولندية الخاصة بك 😸

𝓜.𝓐.𝓦 : Met Andere Woorden : IN OTHER WORDS : بعبارة أخرى
a Language under my skin

Join our new 3-week program, offering a critical supplement to your Dutch language & culture courses 😸. For the next edition in spring 2022, we will gather from 17.00-19.30 in the lovely space at W139 Amsterdam on three Monday evenings.

We will hear different perspectives from working in the cultural field, have a sneak peek behind the scenes of cultural institutions and gain some critical tools to learn how to make a place for yourself in the Netherlands. We will practice Dutch vocabulary and make an alternative lexicon for the cultural field together.

Only €15 for three sessions, including soup.

Tickets can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/maw-in-other-words-tickets-335952853027

So how are we shaped by language? Are languages merely tools for expressing our thoughts, or do they actually shape them? In a solo exhibition at W139, Sadik Kwaish Alfraji explores the complexities inherent in these questions. Encompassed in the animations, large scale drawings, and murals that make up this exhibition, are the questions of what makes a language. Is it the words themselves? Or the images of the words? Is it the alphabet or the sounds of the words or even the physical gestures of expression? Everything together is what shapes and forms a ‘language’. As a storyteller, Alfraji is trying to bring forth one of the faces of language.

During this series of workshops, we will dive into language and develop our own lexicon.

Monday 30 May 17.00-19.30
Monday 13 June 17.00-19.30
Monday 27 June 17.00-19.30